Light brown skin
Lips like Campari
And words like soda
Can I come over?
Just let me in
I wanna go where
The nights are blinding
The sun keeps shining
If I could I know where I’d be
In a little town in Italy
Close your eyes, come away with me
Tomorrow we will be
Sitting by the seaside
Drinking up the sunshine
You’re here so why don’t we go
Dancing in Sanremo
We can be there in a couple of hours
To the place with the yellow flowers
Somewhere only we know
Sunset in Sanremo
To feel like this
Is one in a million
A suspended moment
Can we seal it
With a tender kiss?
Out of a movie
Made by Fellini
Love that you need me
Over there you shine like a star
Doesn’t even matter who you are
Hold my hand and we’ll travel far
Close your eyes and we will be
Sitting by the seaside